European Solidarity Centre Building

I was not born in a free country. I was born in a country ruled by communists, puppets of the Soviet Union. But there were people, who believed in freedom so much, that they were willing to risk their lives to fight for it. Today, I’d like to thank them.

Earlier this year, European Solidarity Centre (PL: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności) has been opened in Gdansk. It’s located near the old shipyards where the fight for freedom began.

Shipyard workers' hats

I’m not going to write the entire history of the great transformation Poland went through in the 80’s but our visit to ECS reminded me how much has changed since then. I vaguely remember communism myself since I was a kid back then, but I do recall that these were not the easiest times (click on the images below to learn more).

So it all began in the Gdansk Shipyards where a group of people decided to go on strike until the ruling communist party meets their demands and starts the slow process of transforming Poland to a democratic country.

But eventually, the protesters managed to win the war against the oppressors. One of the co-founders of Solidarity even became a first, fully democratically elected president of Poland after WW2.

I’m feel grateful to all the people who were brave enough to rise and fight for their freedom, for the freedom of all the people in Poland. It is because of them, we can now visit museums like ECS and through play and even with a bit of laughter, tell our children the history of their country.

ECS Camera

Those who gave their lives will never be forgotten.

ECS Solidarity Cards

Today I am proud to be Polish and that I live in Poland.

ECS Monument

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