Blood Moon (why I didn’t sleep last night)

January 18, 2016
Blood Moon
I guess everyone knows last night there was a lunar eclipse and the moon was bigger than usual :) So let me share with you how I took this photo. At first Karolina was going to go with me but after we had returned from the beach where we took photos of moon rise (photo…
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Autumn has officially begun!

Selfie in the forest
It's back and no question there, it's a season of colour! I'm already looking forward to the dense fogs of October and the beautiful transition of leaf colour from boring greens to vibrant yellows and deep reds :) The photos above were taken during one of my early morning walks in the nearby forest. I had…
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Baltic is back and it’s in colour!

Evening sky in Orlowo
Something must be wrong with me. I shoot too many photos in colour these days. Maybe because the weather has been rather nice recently :) Anyway, after a long absence I have re-instated the Baltic in Colour gallery with a completely new set of photos (click the photo above to go there). The picture you…
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Zakopane 2015

Sunset at Świnica, 2300m (7545ft) as seen from Beskid, 2012m (6601ft)
Summer is gone, but what a summer it was! I still haven't posted all of the photos from the trip from the first month of Summer but since I love the mountains so much I just couldn't wait to process the images from the last trip. The image above comes from Kościeliska Valley. It was…
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Moonrise in Białowieża
I finally had some time to go back a slightly older photos I took at Białowieża with Trojmieska Szkoła Fotografii (Tricity Photography School) my wife is attending.  Most of the time the weather and lack of landscape-oriented planning on the organizers behalf prevented any cool landscape shots but that night me, Karolina and Tomek decided…
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More Mountains

Storm in the mountains
I just created a new gallery: Mountains B&W! Just two photos but hopefully will have more by the end of the summer. It's going to contain all of my B&W images taken in the mountains. Since I don't live anywhere close to the mountains (about 700km from the nearest ones) it won't probably be updated very…
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Babia Góra

I just love mountains. I love the unconstrained space, views and the feeling of freedom. It was a Friday afternoon, just before finishing work when this crazy idea sprung to mind. I looked Babia Góra on the internet, checked all the treks and found a very short one, only 2.30h to climb the highest peak…
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Nostalgia in Kraków

Nostalgia in Krakow
I don't usually photograph people, but as we were walking the beautiful streets of the old city in Kraków in the evening, I saw a carriage with this girl who seemed to be somewhere else, far away from the city her parents took her for holidays. I only had a few seconds to take this…
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Two portraits of a driftwood

Driftwood and a shipyard
It was one of those adventure days when the clouds were perfect and I decided we should go and take some photos. I made a bad choice though and instead of staying close to our house where the clouds were really spectacular I opted for driving 30km to the sea to photograph the sunset there.…
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It’s Gdynia this time :)

Thee rocks in the Sea
After a few weeks (or months maybe?) me and Karolina finally found the time to take a trip to the sea. While Karolina was busy shooting models I took the kids to the beach in Orlowo, Gdynia and took a few long exposures of the sea. The weather was rather nice, that is, not too…
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