Reflection in the Window (Berlin)I had a rather unexpected trip to Berlin, Germany mid-January 2015. I literally learned I’d be flying there 3 days before my flight. I must say I was reluctant to go there but it turned out to be great. I met a few awesome people and had a really good time. I wish I had know we’d have some time to actually go out and take photos as I would have taken my ‘big’ D800 with me. Or at least a tripod. Nevertheless my Fujifilm X-E2 did a really good job. I’m actually always surprised how good that camera is. And it’s small so I could fit it and all my clothes in a small shoulder bag (that was only a 2 day trip so I didn’t have to take many clothes with me).

There wasn’t much time to go out during the day so most of the shots were taken at night and in the museums. I did however manage to take a few shots during the day on my way to work.

After I left work, I was still able to go out and take a few photos at night. Berlin as a big city and unfortunately I wasn’t able to go visit some of the most iconic places like the TV Tower or Brandenburg Gate, but still there was plenty of nice buildings (mostly churches) to photograph.

I also took a few photos taken inside of the museums. I visited 5 museums that evening. It’s definitely an all time record for me!


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