Babia Góra

January 18, 2016

View from Sokolica

I just love mountains. I love the unconstrained space, views and the feeling of freedom. It was a Friday afternoon, just before finishing work when this crazy idea sprung to mind. I looked Babia Góra on the internet, checked all the treks and found a very short one, only 2.30h to climb the highest peak Diablak, 1725m. We (me and Karolina) arrived quite late, about 6PM but I knew it was enough time to get there for the sunset. I didn’t think much about going back down at that time :)

The image above and the one below are from the first peak, Sokolica (1367m). We got there after about 45 minutes and It was the first spot where the trees didn’t obstruct the views. Finally!

Close up from Sokolica - Ski Lift

Karolina wasn’t impressed but I just loved it! I could live in the mountains. I bet I would quickly get used to exhausting treks and quickly changing weather conditions :)

After a while we arrived at the next peak – Kępa (1521m). I think it was not as exhausting as the first segment of the trek. From there we could see the observation deck at Sokolica (see below). Wow! I did not think we had gone that far!

View From Kepa

Kępa was where Karolina decided she’s not crazy enough to be going farther as the sun was slowly setting down. Did that stop me? No! I am crazy!

So I kept going. The path was not that steep anymore and it was easier. I was running out of time as the sun was really low over the horizon. I knew I wouldn’t make it to the top on time, but I didn’t even want to, I just wanted a nice place to take a photo of the top of Babia Góra and the sunset in one place. There was less and less vegetation, no trees, hardly any bushes. Just grass and rocks. I knew I was getting closer :)

And then I arrived ad Gówniak (really funny name when you say it in Polish, I could translate it to Shitter), 1617m. It turned out that Gówniak has a nice rocky peak so I decided this was as far as I went and took a few photos there. I think it was the best moment to take photos that evening. It was magical.


This is where I decided it was time to get back. I met a few people on my way back who were going the opposite direction with tents and everything to spend a night in the mountains. How I envied them…. Maybe some day…


Sunrise at the beach

It's been a while since I went out to shoot photos. After checking the weather yesterday I knew I couldn't miss the sunrise today. And, you know, I usually prefer shooting black and white gloomy landscapes of doom but each time I see a sunrise like today I just lose my mind run around taking…
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Frozen Lake

Another winter morning. I set my alarm clock to 6AM but completely ignored it :) I woke up about 7AM and to be honest I didn't think the weather was that good. But then I thought "Hey, at least I'm going to have a walk". When I arrived at the lake, the weather wasn't better…
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Sunrise in Gdansk

I recently discovered a new place in Gdansk - Góra Gradowa (Gradowa Hill) which has a fantastic view at the Old City of Gdansk. The picture above was take during my third visit there. The clouds on the horizon looked like they could make the sunrise completely invisible but there were a few cracks that…
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Gdansk at Night

Gdańsk... I remember that when I lived in the UK I missed this city much. It was here where I went to University, it was here where I got my first real job, it was Gdansk where I got married and it's the birthplace of my older daughter. We now live close enough to Gdansk…
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The Wind

After a very foggy Saturday came a very windy Sunday. All fog was gone. In fact, it was so windy that I would sometimes have trouble taking photos because I couldn't hold the camera still. Fortunately I took a heavy tripod and after driving my wife to her photography school I decided to revisit one…
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The Month Of Fog

November is upon us. And it's one of my favourite months when it comes to photography. Most of the November days in my area are very foggy. I love this weather. The only thing that sucks about November is how short the days are. Oh well... you can't have everything, right? Last weekend Karolina had…
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I’ve been dabbling in the sea after sunset again…

.. and it was warmer than I thought it would be :) It's almost November after all and the temperature outside was 6 degrees C (42F). It was a very busy day. Karolina spent it in analogue portrait photography workshop at her school and I attended free Fujifilm Workshop. It was fun, though not my…
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One Week In The UK

[caption id="attachment_95" align="aligncenter" width="1619"] Sunrise at Durham Heritage Coast, UK[/caption] I spent last week in the UK. I visited the awesome guys at Sunderland Office of my company.  UK is kinda my second home even though I lived there for just 2 years. It's mainly because my younger daughter was born there, my older daughter…
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Yet another morning at Babie Doly

After a week in the UK I finally had some time to look at the photos I took last week in Babie Doly near Gdynia. When I arrived there I thought I wouldn't get any good photos. Skies were almost absolutely clear and there was only a narrow but very long cloud on the horizon.…
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Homage to Mr. K. (Super Moon Rising)

You're all probably sick and tired of all those colourful photos, right? Yuck! So lets go back to B&W for a while. One of my greatest  inspirations has always been the one and only Michael Kenna. Stark compositions, contrast and yet softness, it was all there. If I were at least 1/100th as good as he…
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