Me and my wife visited Auschwitz last summer during our stay in Kraków. It’s really hard to forget something like that. It also takes time (as in age) to truly understand the horror that place represents. Suffice it to say that out of roughly 1300000 people detained there 1100000 were killed. That’s over one million people. But I don’t want to talk about the past now. There’s enough disturbing things related to WWII being said in the present.

Prisoners' Shoes

So what makes me angry now? People. Uneducated idiots who twist history facts. Blind religion haters who know nothing of religion(s) they despise. So please forgive me for this outburst of hate of my own and let me give just two examples of things that make me want to cry:

“Polish death camps”. There were none of those ever. German, yes. I really don’t understand how ignorant one must be to say things like that. It’s also possible someone really tries to forget or make people forget what the truth actually was.

“It’s all because of religion”. Oh my. Sure let’s blame something that is just an abstract idea, a set of idealistic guidelines how people should live that in their essence were only meant to prevent and discourage any evil. And I don’t mean just Catholic religion, it applies to most of the religions in the world (yes, Islam included). Every time some moron says “religion killed/did/blah blah someone or something” I want to punch them in the face and tell them just how many people their “Science-god” killed. A-bombs? Science built them and dropped them in Japan. Guns? All science. I doubt any religion kills as many people a year as science. But everything I just said is just rubbish. Why? Because it’s not science, not religion. It’s people. And the people who now kill others, who spread hate are the same kind people who built concentration camps.

Concentration Camp Fence

So please… I beg you… Before you blame religion/race/ethnic background for something bad that has happened, think again, you could be as much responsible or the same kind of person you’re about to hate.


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